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Villa Theato

Share the Khmer passion and traditions

Explore Nature, Empower Culture, Experience Cambodia

Villa Theato was born out of Khmer Tradition and Passions. Our inspiration from the local artisans and artists are translated into each room as a new stories of quality life in Cambodia.

Theato Project

"Theato Project" is creative research organization based in Phnom Penh supported by iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort. It is a group of people with a interest to search the Khmer traditions to share the stories of working environment of local artists and artisans."

The artists and artisans of Theato Project

Lim Sokchanlina

Photographer / Artist

His five photography series are displayed in every rooms which has captured the landscape of Cambodia. Each subjects in different locations are carefully selected in emotional and temporal relation ship to the Theato's spatial experiences.


Pottery Designer

Kchh has found in 2009 in the mission of creating new tradition of Khmer pottary where once lost with the decline of Khmer empire. The projcet has collaborating with the small village at Kampong chhnang province.

Fair weave

Textile Designer

Fair weave has produced quality hand-woven textiles collaborating with local artisans where traditional skills are alive.Their ethical and sustainable working system has empower the local environment.

Sok Thida

Flower Designer

Sok Thida has run her own flower shop at Phnom Penh. Her interest in Khmer culture and natural materials are embodies in each room as a sculptural landscape of Cambodia.

Dara Kong


His six drawing series entitled "Tadpoles"are displayed in each rooms. His inspiration from the lifestyle of frog explore the themes of life growth, persistence, love,community and communications as a social model.

Hotori Memento

Product Designer

Hotori memento is a brand that uses various natural materials collected in Cambodia.Her intention is to create a quality and fair environment from the creating process of local artisans to their worldwide end-users.

Sokea Garden

Landscape Design

Sokia garden own a large land at Kirirom near the river with the lush mountains. The landscape elements of Theato has been carried from their land such as stone, tree, and flowers.

Dome Decor

Furniture Designer

The furniture series included Mini-bar,desk,chair, side table, and wardrobe are produced By Dome decor who exploit the quality inherent in Khmer materials.

Uddom Nou

Plant Designer

Uddom Nou is not only a plant designer, but he also design the pots as a interior object. His interest in context, local material and craft traditions has shaped in his work with visual simplicity in material composition.

Yurika Kobayashi

The cover illustration by Yurika

The illustrator based in Japan and Cambodia. She has been in love with drawing since childhood.Her works include illustrations for shop logos, shop flyers, wall paintings, and maps.


Deign / Direction

MöKö is Cambodia and Okinawa based design studio founded in 2015 working within the fields of architecture, interior, object and illustration.